Monday, 24 September 2007

UltramanLand - Overview

Ultraman & Jamila mugging for pictures

Ultra Heroes Display

There's Hotel Verde right in front of UltramanLand if you decide to stay overnight. Also, Mitsui GreenLand is just a short walking distance from UltramanLand. There are a few restaurants nearby so you are not confined to eating at Ultra De Restaurant. (but being around during lunch time is an event itself, as there will be few Ultra Chefs doing their rounds - to celebrate birthday & just meet & greet diners).

To get to UltramanLand is pretty straight forward. If you take a train from Hakata station, stop at Omuta station. Then board the bus to Mitsui GreenLand / UltramanLand. One way trip costs Yen390 per adult and it'll take roughly 1/2 hour to get there. Mitsui Greenland is the second last stop and Ultramanland is the last stop of the bus. More details can be found at either Ultramanlah or Ultraman Guide.

For first time visitors, no worries. The bus (unlike RapidKL) are very punctual but the ride might be excruciatingly slow as the bus will stop at every bus stop. :-)

Some pics :

Souvenir shop

food display at Ultra De Restaurant

ice cream stall

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