Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Raimie's take on Ultramanland

Playing with bumper car. I chose Mebius, of course!

Ultramanland is soooo cooool! Mama & Papa let me stay there for a whole day. We were there from 9.30am until 5.30pm. Before opening time, there were few Ultra Heroes making their rounds, so I managed to get few pics with them. Then I played bumper car which cost Yen 100 per ride. Afterwards, Papa let me go on the merry-go-round which cost Yen200. I sat on Ultra Father!
Ultramanland is quite small. It has a stage, a puppet show area, exhibition areas displaying the team's cars and what not. Also right in front, there were display of few Ultra Heroes with some monsters and posters. There were the Heroes' posters everywhere even in the toilet!

Inside, I went on a ride with Papa to shoot some monsters and aliens. I shot Baltan Seijin! That ride costs Papa Yen400!

I shot Eleking with Papa

Baltan Seijin

There were a few stage shows held throughout the day and we watched them all! We only missed the 1.00pm show because it was a repeat of the morning show. The puppet show was fun too and in the afternoon, there was a Q&A session with goodies as prizes after the puppet show. I wanted to participate, but the Oni-san didn't call me up.

In between the shows, we went outside and saw more Ultra Heroes. I had a great time taking pictures with them. Also, after every stage show, the Heroes came down and shake hands with us. I also went up on stage to dance with Mebius. Papa took a video of me dancing on stage. Between the stage shows, adults and kids can take a nap in front of the stage. We didn't have time to rest because we had so much fun.
During lunch, a nice lady working at the Ultra De Restaurant treated me with an ice cream. I had lunch there, eating a set meal consisting of two rice balls, ebi tempura, a hamburger and corn. I had a green coloured fizzy drink. Mama & Papa only ate crepes & corn dogs sold at the stall outside.
We were there until Ultramanland closed at 5.30pm. The Heroes in the closing show came down and walked with us to the entrance. Ultraman Tiga held my hand all the way! Outside, we took a group photo with a few Ultra heroes and one hero from Andro Melos (I think).
The last bus came at exactly 5.45pm and we got on board of the 6.23pm's Relay Tsubame train to Hakata. I was very tired but very happy. Apart from Disneyland, this is the most enjoyable trip for me!

Mama & Papa promised to visit Ultramaland again next year, I simply can't wait!

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