Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Ultraman Club

There used to be an Ultraman Club & M78 shop in Asakusa. It was very near to the hotel that we stayed. Raimie usually will make a visit once a day to the Club. It's closed now due to whatever reason. Not sure whether it is relocated or shut down permanently because we can't read Japanese. :-) Any info?

Our last visit there was in 2006. Every single time we visited the club, Raimie will not miss taking pictures with Ultraman Xenon (or Ultraman Janno, if you watch the Malay version of the series here in Malaysia). There were pictures of him shaking hands with Xenon, Xenon & him making the firing pose, Xenon carrying him... As it is already closed when we came back to Tokyo during the summer, we told Raimie that Xenon went back to his planet. ^-^

Of course there are M78 shops around Tokyo but for a 5 year old, the shops are not that exciting. He's more interested in meeting the Heroes than buying stuff. (Lucky for us!)


  1. Salam Lina,

    Tentu Raimie pun nak jadi macam ultraman penyelamat bumi.
    Saya selalu jugak melayan Faris tengok video ultraman..tapi tak terhafal nama2 ultraman banyak sangat!

    Terima kasih atas kunjungan.
    Salam dari Faruha

  2. memang cita-cita dia nak jadi Ultraman. hehehe...

    thx for your comment.


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