Thursday, 27 September 2007

Ultraman Stadium - Overview

View of Ultraman Stadium

If you happen to be around Kanazawa / Komatsu, you can visit Ultraman Stadium which is in Terai. But, be warned! Ultraman Stadium can be a letdown, unless you are an Ultraman fanatic and you have this unfathomable need to visit all Ultraman sites in Japan (like us).

You can get there by bus from JR Komatsu station. The bus trip might cost around Yen300 – 400 (not that sure). As for us, we went there from JR Terai station. JR Terai station is just a small station, but there’ll be taxis waiting for customers outside. We decided to walk to Ultraman Stadium.

With a 4 year old in tow, it took us about 45 minutes on foot. It was quite fun and interesting walk as we walk past residential houses, paddy fields and vegetables patches.

For Ultraman Stadium itself, like Ultramanland, it is quite small. We pretty much cover everything in 20 minutes time! There was of course the M78 shop, a few exhibits and a show area for Ultraman show. We didn’t go in because Raimie was afraid of the loud noise. Raimie was also afraid of this hairy monster on display…

do note that the lady posing as the hairy monster is not the one making Raimie scared! Hehehe

The staff there probably never had foreigners coming to Ultraman Stadium (or foreigners who don't write either Kanji / furigana) that they were quite excited whern I registered my son to play in the inflatable bouncer. Funny thing was that they didn't know how to pronouce Raimie's name too... So, we ended up doing their job calling Raimie out.

The trip back was partly on foot and partly by bus. We probably walked about 10 minutes before deciding to wait for a bus. Interestingly, unlike back here in Malaysia, the bus stop only consisted of a bench and a "tiang" with the bus schedule on it. More interesting was, the schedule stated that the bus (we don't know to where) will come at 1.31pm. And at exactly that time, a bus came and stopped in front of us. (we learnt later from a Malaysian friend staying in Tokyo, that buses will stop if there is someone at the bus stop irregardless whether you signalled or not). The trip back cost Yen280 per person and apart from us, there were only 2 obasan in the bus. Unfortunately, I had to use my atrocious Japanese to ask whether the bus is going to a JR station. :-P

More drama in store later on...

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