Tuesday, 18 September 2007

UltramanLand - Introduction

UltramanLand Poster

the top of UltramanLand Building

in front of the entrance

UltramanLand's address : 1574 Honide, Arao-shi
Tel : 0968-66-4678
Entrance Fee : 700 yen
Opening Hours : 10.00 am - 6.00 pm


  1. Lina

    Salam lina..wah..enjoynyer di ultramanland. Kalau anak saya suka, dah pasti saya akan terus ke sana..ni dia suka sgt sgt sgt sgt dgn pikachu..entah la mana dapt kesukaan itu...memang pantang nampak apa2 abt pikachu..terus terhenti segala aktivti

    salam lina ...salam ramadan

  2. kak aini,

    heheh... kalau pokemon, senang sikit kot, sebab kat Tokyo ada.. (x pernah pegi sebab Raimie x minat Pokemon). Nak cari Ultraman sanggup ke Kyushu lagi tu!

  3. salam lina,

    hi! i was actually looking for more info on ultramanland coz my 3 boys, esp yang #3 tu, are ultraman junkies! i couldn't get much from the website, then i tersampai kat your link ni. i would very much appreciate if you could share some info rgds to ultramanland, ie. is it open all year round or certain seasons only. hope you could share, coz my husband and i tgh nak plan this year's holiday for our boys. thanks!

  4. @Julie,
    It is open all year round but timing differs from season to season. For more shows and Ultra Heroes appearances, best to go on weekends/Japan's school holiday.

    You all planning to go holiday to Kyushu ke? Anyway, this link at Ultraman Guide provide detailed instruction to Ultramanland.

    If you are not planning to go to Kyushu, ada tempat lain you can go to meet up Ultraman: in Kawasaki (at Heroes Base for instance) or come to Japan during the Summer holiday and visit Ultraman Festival. Just check my Ultraman tag.


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