Monday, 15 October 2007

Aidilfitri with Ultraman Cosmos

No, Ultraman Cosmos didn't come "beraya" at our house. Ultraman Cosmos; The Blue Planet a.k.a Planet Biru movie was on TV3 just now.

Because of it, we've deferred our balik kampung trip to 11am instead. It's ok, cos' my Maksu will also start her journey at 11am from Sri Gombak. So we'll probably see each other on the highway. (knowing how Zaini drives...)

Pergh... my parents house was really packed. Zaini's cousin came a calling. Then my dad's siblings came... with their whole family in tow. It was fun though, coz my dad and his siblings like to reminiscence about their younger days... us kids love to hear their escapades when our parents (dads mostly) were young and carefree.


  1. waaaa...sure meriah sakan raye aritu ek?can feel the hot & spicy "aura" sampai ke tokyo ni;)

  2. waah... kok bisa.. foto dan salaman ama ultraman...


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