Thursday, 11 October 2007

Ultraman: Bandai Museum

Bandai Museum entrance.

Up till 31 Aug 2006, Bandai Museum was in Matsudo, Chiba. The Museum showcased Ultraman and Masked Rider exhibits with some figures from Godzilla.
Since 28 April 2007, the new Bandai Museum is at Mibu, Tochigi. Anyone been to the new place yet?
The old Bandai Museum was a small place, but for a fan, it was heaven. Raimie got scared of the monster fighting Ultraman on display that he ran away and cried at the staircase. (oh well, he was only three that time). There was a Gundam Museum upstairs, but we skipped that. And an arcade place downstairs.

We pretty much had the place for our own, but spent about an hour only there. We spent time by taking pictures over and over again. Hehehe… You can never have too much Ultraman pictures.

Bought a Red Ultraman Max jacket for him there and a handkerchief that later got lost in Disneyland.

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