Thursday, 4 October 2007

Flying to Japan

So far, we had the experience of flying with 3 different airlines to Japan. We are by no means an expert, but just like to share our experiences with the different airlines. However, even if different airlines, our main criteria (apart from prices) will be the flight time. We’ll only choose night flights so that we can arrive the next morning.

The most convenient and has the least surcharge is of course MALAYSIA AIRLINES. We flew with them both direct to Tokyo and also with a stopover at Kota Kinabalu. However, a stopover at Kota Kinabalu in the middle of the night is certainly not fun for us. Not much to do…

For its promotional fares, we got scant mileage (about 900+miles for 1 way only). Anyway, I don’t think there’s a chance to get the RM900++ fares or even the RM1,050.00 nowadays…

Food was ok, but I will not ask for the beef menu again. (Anyway, eating too much in the plane made me feel bloated) :-(
In-flight entertainment was extensive, there’s enough movies and dramas for me to watch and enough games for Raimie to play and children’s channels to watch.

One time, Raimie was already asleep to eat dinner; the FA kindly kept his dinner and bagged them for us the next morning.

But I experienced a sleepless night in the plane (when seated behind the bulkhead seats), as the FAs were having a merry time laughing and chatting in front (behind the curtains).

We flew with SINGAPORE AIRLINES ages ago. Service was good, in-flight entertainment was more than fine. We even got slippers and toiletries set on board. However, now with Raimie in tow, we excluded Singapore Airlines because of the transit time at Changi Airport.

Buying the promotional fares, we were not eligible to claim its miles.

JAPAN AIRLINES service was exceptional. The FAs were always checking on the needs of the passengers even at 2.00 a.m and they were extremely friendly. And instead of organizer and soft toys (that we got in variuos colour by now) Raimie got two model airplane set to play with.

Food-wise, I was disappointed that they did not offer Japanese breakfast. In-flight entertainment was somewhat limited; there was only 1 game Raimie can play and 1 cartoon channel. But we’ll choose Japan Airlines in a heartbeat because of the service.

We paid RM1,400.00 per adult (exclude surcharges - which is on par with SQ) in Spring for an open-jaw flight (KLIA – KX; NRT – KLIA) and for that; as a JAL Family Club member, I got in total 17,000+ miles for the three of us.

But JAL seldom has special fare promotion (that I know of), so not sure whether they’ll have one next year.

Haven’t tried THAI AIRWAYS yet. Their promotional fare this year was quite good and the transit time in Bangkok was not that bad. Their surcharge also was on par with Malaysia Airlines. We’ll see next year.
Bila Air Asia nak fly to Japan, agaknye yer???? Boleh melawat Nihon 3 bulan sekali. Kuang kuang kuang…

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