Saturday, 27 October 2007

From / To Narita Aiport : Our Story - Part II (Airport Narita Rapid Service)

We used this train when we stayed in Kinshicho.

The train was not that frequent compared to N'EX, but it only cost Yen1,280 per person. It was a much slower trip with more stops but for that price, we certainly didn’t mind. Didn't opt for Keisei Skyliner as that will invlove more trains to take early in the morning.

More info on Airport Narita:
Tokyo - Narita Airport (Terminal 2) : 90 min (Frequency is less than Narita Express, you might see few N'EX passing by beore your train arrives)

Fares to Narita Airport (Terminal 2):
Tokyo : 1,280yen
Yokohama : 1,890yen
Ofuna : 2,210yen

And oh! for those with big luggages, don't worry. There'll be plenty of people (locals) with huge luggages in the train too.

1st time we took the train, we sent our luggage by takkyubin in case the train gets too crowded... but have not used one to send anything to airport ever since.

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