Monday, 29 October 2007

From / To Narita Aiport : Our Story - Part III (Keisei Limited Express)

Keisei Limited Express is certainly cheaper and more frequent than Airport Narita.It cost us only Yen1,000 per person.

The only bad experience I had on this train; I had the priviledge if sitting next to a guy with a strong BO. God! Awful 20 minutes of my life... (thankfully he was not going to Narita Airport...)

As Airport Narita Rapid Express and Keisei Limited Express used different routes, it was interesting to see the different views both trains offered.

Do note that like JR trains, Keisei has 2 diiferent services & fare structures to Narita Airport:
1. There's the
Keisei Skyliner Airport Service (56 minutes from Ueno station) at 1,920 yen
2. and then there's the
Keisei Limited Express (71 minutes) at a bargain rate of 1,000yen!

Plus point of taking Keisei Limited Express is it runs every 20 minutes, which is way more frequent than Airport Narita Rapid Express.


  1. I believe there was a change for the Keisei Skyliner since last year. The terminal is now in Nippori instead of Ueno.

  2. @wakanai,
    thanks for the update!

    Not to mention, thanks for reading all these old, old, musty posts of mine! :)


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