Thursday, 25 October 2007

Ninja Jones Izakaya @ Northpoint, Mid Valley

Personally, can only afford to eat the set menu and drink the FOC ocha. huhuhu

Boleh tahan gak harga dia. Seb baik orang belanja… keskeskes

Loved the Macha ice cream Azuki even though it’s RM12.00 a scoop (Kurogoma ice cream is more expensive at RM16.00). Worth to pay. I mean, why would you choose vanilla ice cream here??!!!

There were ninjas prowling around the restaurant for us to gawk at… but they are not real ninja’lah. (Raimie kalau nampak orang berkelubung ni, dia cakap hantu....)

Another attraction that my friends made a beeline to was the high tech and completely classy toilet. Nice reason to go to a restaurant, NOT!

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