Tuesday, 16 October 2007

J-Drama: Over Time

Over Time was the drama that started our love affair with Japan. We watched it when we were still "relatively" newlyweds... yonks ago :-)
Actually, what is on air now at 8TV is One Litre of Tears. Tak tahan watching 1 ltr of tears... emosi!!! I'll end up bawling at each episode... (kalah tengok citer hindustan. kuang kuang kuang)

Before that was Engine. This was a fun story, tried not to miss even 1 episode coz Kimura Takuya was in it! (though the moving rubber ad made him look like he's high or something - mcm org gila ajer, said Raimie)


  1. Owhh..."1ltr of Tears" tu apa actual title dia in nihongo?my husband mmg hantu movie jepun & korea..asal sebut je tajuk tau je dia...apalagi..download from torrent etc la..hihi

  2. 1リットルの涙. zaini yg hantu tengok drama ni. lina x tahan. huhuhu

  3. Heh heh. So of course I Googled (like Pavlov's dog) "Over Time" after you told me about it, and your post was one of the first Google search results!

    Kimutaku, huh? It's all his fault? :p

    1. Kimutaku played a big part of the obsession ever since we saw him on Long Vacation. But this drama wasn't a Kimutaku's drama. It's Sorimachi Takashi's. After that, we were completely obsessed with Power Office Girls.

      Man, we watched a lot of TV, didn't we? xD


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