Friday, 12 October 2007

Japan Hotel Chain: Toyoko Inn

We totally love Toyoko Inn ! Yeah, you do have to drag your luggage to your room yourself; and if perchance you sent it by takkyubin, you do have to pick them up at the lobby yourself and you have be out of your room by 10.00 am and only to return at 4.00pm, but heck! who can beat a room that cost Yen10,000 and below.

Bonus points of staying here :
There's the free breakfast (consisted of onigiris, miso soup and coffee/tea);
Then there's the coin operated washing machine & dryer (essential for us, as we usually just bring 3 t-shirts, 2 pair of jeans and a few pairs of socks);
Vending Machine, water dispenser and microwave in the lobby;
& free internet access, free use of computer and printer at the lobby (even our regular 5-star hotel in Tokyo can't beat this - with their horrible coin operated computer... )
& oh! the rooms are pretty much standard irregardless the location (except Tokyo, of course!) no need to wonder how's the hotel condition & service.

At last count, we've stayed in Asakusa Komagata (the staff knew us by sight now), Shin Osaka Chuo-guchi Shinkan, Hakata-guchi Eki Mae and Kanazawa. Asakusa has the smallest room but it has the biggest bathroom. We like the space in our room in both Hakata and Kanazawa (there's a cupboard in our room).
Cons :
obviously the miniscule room & bathroom. But as long as we can sleep, it's good enough for us
have to be out for them to clean the room from 10.00 - 4.00
no concierge service (what do you expect??!!)
those looking forward to coming back to their room & watch an English movie, might have to settle for some obsecure movie from 1950s. (I'm not kidding!)
Actually, if we were a member of the 4&5 club, we'd have enough to redeem for free nights by now.


  1. hi hi,
    I came across your post about toyoko inn... just wondering if u stayed at the Ikebukuro branch before? How was the location? How was the room etc?

  2. @jaye,
    check out my review at ""


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