Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Travel around Japan: Train fares (Shinkansen and Limited Express)

Kansai Airport – Shin Osaka : Yen2,980 via Limited Express Haruka
Shin Osaka – Hakata (return) : Yen14,590 x 2 via Hikari Railstar Shinkansen
Hakata – Beppu (return) : Yen5,750 x 2 via Limited Express Sonic
Hakata – Himeji : Yen13,430 via Hikari Railstar Shinkansen
Himeji – Kyoto : Yen5,130 via Hikari Shinkansen
Kyoto – Shin Osaka : Yen2,730 via Hikari / Kodama Shinkansen

or Yen1,680 via Limited Express Haruka
Shin Osaka – Tennoji (return): Yen1,350 x 2 via Limited Express Haruka
Shin Osaka – Kanazawa (return) : Yen7,440 x 2 via Limited Express Thunderbird
Kanazawa – Komatsu (return): Yen1,480 x 2 via Limited Express Raicho
Shin Osaka – Tokyo : Yen13,750 via Hikari Shinkansen

This was our Spring 07’s itinerary. The total train cost (not counting the miscellaneous trips made on local trains, were ASTRONOMICAL if we paid them individually! Luckily, we had JR Passes. A 7 day pass only set us back Yen28,300 (we paid RM1,696.00 for two)and by buying one, just paid a portion of the fares.

There are other ways to cut down on train expenses, but buying the JR Pass was the easiest and cheapest way for us as we wanted to ride the shinkansens (except Nozomi, which was and still is not covered by JR Pass). Having a JR Pass allowed us to have a more flexible itinerary , without worrying about the extra charges.

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