Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Travel around Japan: Trains

A respite from Ultraman stories...

Vacationing in Japan would mean a whole lot of travel in trains (either local / connecting to other cities).

Before flying off to Japan, we requested for the brochures and timetable from Japan Railways (they sent it to us FOC from their NY office). The timetable proved to be an invaluable part of our trip because we can plan for connections, routes and choice of trains well ahead. (Both of us are Virgoans, go figure). As a result, we avoided long wait for trains because we knew the timetable in advance.

Hyperdia provides the online means to check on train connections too, complete with choice of trains and walking distance, but we have to be online (obviously) to access the information. Hyperdia is good to check on journey time and possible connections with other train lines. Oh, another one is : Jorudan. (thanks HE)

Seat reservations (FOC for JR Pass holders) can be made in advance once in Japan at the Midori No madoguchi office, but we usually make seat reservations the day before our intended travel date, in case we had a change of plan. It worked out pretty well. We only missed our train from Shin Osaka to Hakata on our first day (still bodoh-bodoh baca ticket and announcement) because we went to a wrong platform. :p

It goes without saying that Japan train networks are extremely efficient and punctual and stays true to its timetable.

We’ll start raving about the Shinkansens later on…


  1. waaaaa...nanti mai le tokyo pulak...lepak kat umah qayyim:))

  2. waaa....jalan2 eh... kalau nak tau time table train... ada option sini


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