Monday, 1 October 2007

Meeting Ultraman at Tsuburaya Jungle

Pictures taken at Tsuburaya Jungle
Tsuburaya Jungle is located in Ario, Yao. It is open from 10.00 am - 9.00 pm. However, the last Ultra Heroes appearance for the day is at 6.00pm. The same goes for the Play area (the one Raimie posed with Ultraman Tiga).
We went to Tsuburaya Jungle by JR Yamatoji line from Tennoji to Yao. From Tennoji, it was about 14 minutes to Yao. Then we board a bus to the Kintetsu Station. Bus ride was Yen200. You can opt to take Kintetsu line direct instead of a JR line, but as we had the JR pass, we chose not to.
It's located behind Yao Seibu & Ito Yokado. So, if you can find Seibu (last time we went, Seibu has bigger sign), you are near Ario.

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  1. Hi i'm Andini. I wanna ask, is it temporary or permanent? Because i can't find any information about this tsuburaya jungle. I'm planning to visit it on April 2017. Thank you so much


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