Sunday, 21 October 2007

Ultraman Movie: Great Decisive Battle! Super Ultra 8 Brothers

From hamakei news report: (copied from Ultramanlah website)

The movie which becomes the eleventh Heisei ultra man series item in Yokohama-shi and the Tsuburaya production (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) on October 17 “Armageddon!” I announced that the stage of eight the super ultra brothers (temporary) (director Tsuyoshi Yagi) was decided in Yokohama.
The movie is produced as play Bent of the Yokohama opening of a port sesquicentennial of 2009, and the work theme “sails” as well as a theme of the 150th anniversary opening of a port. The location is performed in city about 30 places of Yokohama Stadium and a Chinatown, a Yokohama Port Masaru Bridge international traveler terminal. Yokohama-shi performs an offer or the public information cooperation of the location through “Yokohama Film Commission” supporting picture production in Yokohama. In addition, from October 18, it recruits about 1,000 extras in a homepage of the commission.

The photography has already started from October 15 and plans about November 25. I aim at the exhibition of next autumn. About 500,000,000 yen production costs. A star is Hiroshi Nagano of the member of bandwagon V6.

President Kazuo Tsuburaya of the Tsuburaya production speaks it about this process by an announcement interview that “universal theme “courage I do not give up a dream, and to believe the future” of an ultra man greeting 42 years from birth agreed with a theme of the 150th anniversary Yokohama opening of a port".
To the ultra sisters that Mayor Hiroshi Nakata who watched ultra man on TV to eat visited the Yokohama-shi government office in boyhood is “excited very much". Please protect all of ultra, Yokohama. It is a good opportunity to impress it with “a start on a voyage” that is a theme of the 150th anniversary Yokohama opening of a port through a movie and puts expectation when I want to heap up it in the whole town.

For more news update and info, watch out for this thread: Great Decisive Battle! Super Ultra 8 Brothers
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Lina : head spin a bit reading this translated version. More reason to visit Yokohama, Ultra fanatics!

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