Saturday, 27 October 2007

Weekend Activities - Cooking : Salmon Teriyaki

Saw Mat Gebu's Salmon Teriyaki recipe, and remembered the photo I took of Salmon Teriyaki that I cooked last week. (Only cook during weekends - other days, TAPAU! Busylah kekononnya... hehehe) Today, we'll just eat Soba (as requested by Zaini) as we'll be eating Nasi Tomato tomorrow. (I "bukak rumah" esok; whoever happens to be in Seri Kembangan / Balakong area, meh lah datang.... but kuih raya almost gone oredi!)

Fresh Norwegian Salmon, bought at Jusco for a promotional price of RM3.09 per 100gm. Kept meaning to buy the bone tweezer, but can't seem to find it here.

Lunch. Salmon Teriyaki (with extra teriyaki sauce & my favourite: onions), salad with wafu dressing & miso soup (we don't have soup bowls...)

My version of Salmon Teriyaki
2 Salmon Fillets
Salt & Pepper
30 ml japanese soy sauce (or light soy sauce)
sugar (I actually use gula kabung because of the "lemak"ness... jgn mare)

Season the fillets with salt and pepper;
Fry in a pan until sufficiently cooked (about 2 minutes on each side)
Take out.
Simmer soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. Add water if needed. Simmer untl the sauce thickened.
Coat the salmon with the sauce. In my case, I just add the salmon in the pan together with the sauce and let the sauce coat it thoroughly.

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