Monday, 5 November 2007

At home with Raimie

Zaini went to Cherating so just the two of us alone at home. After a sushi dinner (bought from Jusco), which Raimie ate all the baby octopus and left the rice for me, he requested for some onigiri.

We didn't have any stock of our usual "Sumo" rice so for breakfast on Sunday, I made onigiri with Basmathi rice mixed with glutinous (pulut) rice. Can eat'lah... (i'm no chef) Luckily there was still some furikake left in the house! (we even ran out of wakame & nori! - I so badly need to restock my kitchen) This is what happen when celebrating the Hari Raya too much...

Zaini is back. Guess what he brought home... Furikake he swiped at the hotel. Men! Guess there were hordes of Japanese at Club Med. No keropok lekor ke, apa ke even though he & his colleagues did made several stops before coming home.


  1. uiyoo...banzaiii!mama seiipai gambattane:)))jadi gak tu onigiri,wpon mitame je...janji dlm gambo nampak lawo :P


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