Saturday, 3 November 2007


Sponichi Annex reports:

Pop singer Hiroshi Nagano (35), the star of ULTRAMAN TIGA will be reprising his role as Daigo, the human form of Ultraman Tiga, in a new feature film produced by Tsuburaya Productions, which will be released in Japanese cinemas, next fall. Nagano last appeared as Daigo in the 2000 film, ULTRAMAN TIGA: THE FINAL ODYSSEY. The ULTRAMAN TIGA television series first debuted on TBS in 1996 ( the series was briefly aired in the US as part of Fox's "Fox Box" children's line up in 2000, and is now available on DVD from Funimation).
"It's been eight years since Daigo transformed into Tiga," commented Nagano at a recent press conference announcing the new film, "I hope that I will be still able to transform properly for the audience, since it's been so long." Other Ultramen who have returned in their later days to transform again, include the original Ultraman, Susumu Kurobe (67), who appeared in last year's ULTRAMAN MOEBIUS & THE ULTRA BROTHERS, as a senior to the new Ultraman. In the 41 year history of the Ultra Series, the oldest actor to first take the role was 27 year old Yusuke Kirishima, who starred in ULTRAMAN NEXUS (2004).
The new film, entitled DECISIVE BATTLE! THE 8 SUPER ULTRA BROTHERS (Daikessen! Cho Urutora Hachi Urutora Kyodai), as you can guess by the title, will feature eight different Ultramen, but who exactly, besides Ultraman Tiga, are not being revealed at this time. An original Ultra Series alumni, Ultraman movie producer, Kiyoshi Suzuki enthusiastically stated, "In recent years, we have pretty much ignored the mythology of the Heisei Ultras, while we have been concentrating on returning to the Ultra Brothers of the Showa Era. Now, we will bring them both together for the first time."(Article posted on October 17, 2007 [Japan Time], translation by August Ragone.)

Lina says : I didn't know that Daigo is a pop singer. Hihihi
Anyway, if the movie is shown in Malaysia a lot of young kids can relate because Astro Ceria is showing Ultraman Tiga series currently.


  1. Uhh.. i used to watch Ultraman ALOT! Sadly, the keyword there was 'used to'. No time nowadays.. or too lazy to cari the shows. Oh, i especially loved the special edition movie where Mask rider helped Ultraman. Not just one but the whole family! Some super chunted monster kidnapped one of the Ultramans and they had to work together to rescue him/her.

    OMG, suddenly i wanna watch more Ultraman!!


  2. there was a movie with Masked Rider & Ultraman one? OMG, die die I hv to cari that movie! what's the title?

  3. Haha, that a really long time ago and at that time, i never really cared about titles. Nice then watch! Haha.. i'll try to look it up for you if i can.

    But seriously, it was so cool. Ultraman like transfered his 'Giant' powers and mask rider became as big as well. Then they fought the monsters together and won of course.



    I found this wikipedia entry that sounds quite similar to what i remembered. However, it doesn't say anything about any Ultramans being kidnapped or how all the Ultramans and mask riders came to help (seriously ALL! King, Queen, Mother ultraman and so many types of mask riders!)

    It's fun to see Ultraman almost losing for once and having to really fight it out before winning. It gets boring when he defeats the monster just when his light starts to blink. Too predictable.


  5. gee, thanks. Ultraman being predictable is the highlight of the show. wink wink


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