Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Disneyland and Disneysea Photos

As soon as Raimie knew we are planning for a trip (how could he not, with the house strewn with maps and brochures), he started to "kenen" us to go back to both parks. Cannot'lah - too expensive and too time consuming. The last time we went, it took us 3 days to do a complete tour of both parks.

It got to do with the fact that we were so "clever" and visited the park after salary day and school holiday. As a result, we got to queue for 1 1/2 hour to take photos with Mickey and Minnie and another half an hour with Pooh Bear (Winnie the Pooh).

There were also the three little pigs running around at the entrance, but we didn't try and catch them for a photo! (for obvious reason)

Our advice to anyone visiting the parks: avoid omiyage/souvenir shopping in the evening (few hours before parks close) because it was like being in a stampede! Everyone was grabbing all the items like there's no tomorrow and to think that they are local tourists (i.e Japanese).


  1. bestnya... kitorang mujur mckey mouse dgn donald muncul tiba2 lepas show... terus grab dan minta tabgkap gambar...

  2. I say don't buy the stuff at all, it's expensive and not actually that good.

    You might like to practice the Australian way of souvenir giving.

    "what did you get me from your trip?"
    "same as you got me on your last trip."


  3. HE,
    yang sempat grab - Chip & Dale, laju betul diaorg jln. hihihi

    We'll keep that in mind next mind we went holidaying. :-)


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