Thursday, 1 November 2007

From / To Narita Aiport : Story - Part IV (Airport Limousine)

We only ever used the limousine bus on our first trip to Tokyo. We took a bus from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station. That trip was Yen3,000 per pax and the journey was quite slow, as the road leading into the city was quite jammed. As we boarded the bus at Terminal 1, we didn’t get to sit together due to passengers already boarding at Terminal 2. A bummer if we were to travel with Raimie (as he still travels for free on trains & buses until he's 6; but need to pay if we require a seat for him).

This was my first time seeing a multi tiered flyovers. Wohooo!!! Daratnya...

Trip back on that trip was also by Limo bus, but from Shinjuku Station. We had an evening flight and got on a 2.00p.m bus. We thought of taking a Limo bus from our hotel at Marriott, on our subsequent trip, but the timing wasn’t suitable (only two scheduled stops per day at our hotel).

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