Friday, 23 November 2007

Honda Fit / Jazz Named Japan Car of the year

It's called Honda Jazz in Malaysia. Zaini once wanted to buy one but now he's salivating over the VW mini... Buying a Honda here is quite an attractive option (if you can afford one - not cheap here what with the price of over RM97K and beyond!) with competitive interest rate and outstanding after sale service (no, I do not work for Honda car dealership) and of course people ooh and aahing over the fact that you must be "kaya" to own a Honda! hehehe...


  1. Not sure why it was named car of the year (where anyway? in Malaysia) but the Honda Jazz sure looks good. I like cars with that shape, my first love was the Toyota Estima. Nice curves! But the new ones are getting abit straight, the first edition was the best. Haha..

    Who decides on the interest rate? Not the banks? I doubt Honda's the one that's loaning you the money, right?


    p.s. Buy 4377th hand honda civic 1996 edition. Not kaya at all. But still honda right?

  2. eh...nak tanya...kat malaysia ada jual mazda MPV tak... yang tahunya... Mazda premacy tapi jadi Mazda5

  3. usws,
    well the rates for national cars are higher than say, Honda & Volvo. If you can afford a Volvo, there was the 0% int or a certain period available. Paying a 1 - 2% interest as opposed to 3.75% sure make a difference. I's car of the year in Japan.

    tak sure. tak minat Mazda hehe


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