Thursday, 8 November 2007

JAL Promo Fare to Osaka

Just got the pamphlet yesterday evening by post. Didn't bother to check out the website earlier.

Very very much tempted to get the tickets now, even though we can't do open jaw on this fare. RM1,260 per pax is a bargain (close one eye on the expensive JAL surcharges). And we can go end of March next year too!

Now, how to bodek Zaini into buying the tickets? Hehehe...

Psst... Boss, how much bonus am I getting this year?

On a similar note, the exchange rate now is quite favourable. It's 100yen to RM2.94 at last check. Do hope the rate will be much better next year, when we go off for our holiday. (or at least not more than 100yen to RM3.00) Here's to a better Malaysian economy! Hehehe


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