Monday, 12 November 2007

Japan, anyone?

Lately, there seems to be an exodus of friends and colleagues visiting or wanting to visit Japan. Those who went were mostly following tours organized by travel agents. Those who wished to go and haven’t done so yet were mostly apprehensive at going to a country where the people doesn’t speak English.

We had time and time again told our friends not to be scared of Japan. While there will be communication barrier, getting around and getting help in Japan is relatively easy. Of course, it helps if you do your research first. And the people were pretty helpful but don’t tax them with your perfect English, lest they run away from you – which happened to me twice (not that my command in English is perfect, I just talk fast) with a bellhop and an online friend.

Then there were the opinions that Japan is horribly expensive. I always wonder why these people who jet off to London or Italy without a second thought had reservations in visiting Japan. Of course, staying in a 5 star hotel and eating your meals at a posh restaurant can burn a hole in your pocket (anywhere). I mean, if you want to save money, don’t go around staying in Ginza and eating Kaiseki Ryori with complete abandon…

There’s also this opinion that traveling on our own as opposed to traveling with a tour group is expensive. Well, it can cost more (if in a tour, your expenses tend to be fixed early on, except for miscellaneous items like shopping) but we had more insight of a country by traveling on our own. And we met more locals this way.
(Anyway, we are wary of tour groups – got fleeced in China. Never again…)

Anyway, to Tina, Janet, Jessica have fun! It’s gonna be cold.
Swee Yee, Shereen, Lay Tin : no need to think, just go already!
Joe : there’s more Kamen Riders toys there, you know.

But don’t mind me. I am terrified of going to London and probably will not set foot to USA anytime soon, so there!


  1. ye betul...tak semahal yang disangka...asalkan pandai plan...

  2. most people did not believe that we usually only spent 10K (plus airfares & JR Pass) for a 10 day trip to Japan which include shopping expenses too!

  3. 10k ringgit? Lol, that's more than i make.. uh.. ever! Darn, i guess i'll have to wait till i start working before thinking about going to Japan (or anywhere else for that matter).

    Where did you actually go? I mean which part of Japan? And how did you communicate with the people since they have no idea what you're saying at all?? Oh, do those little Japanese language books work? Haha.. bring one around and point point.


    p.s. I think I'm scared of leaving the country at all.

  4. 10K for 3 pax, oklah... split half-half. cannot expect my son to pay...

    knowing sumimasen and gomen-nasai can go a long way. Put on your clueless face and there'll bound to be someone willing to help even in the boondocks! and gesture a lot to put across your point.
    actually, most japanese do understand to a degree a bit of english.

    eating out - there's the beauty of plastic food display. point and eat your way in Japan. :-)

    the only place we have not set foot is Hokkaido and Okinawa.

  5. sorry, by place I mean the big island'lah... small-small island also never went.

  6. 10K? Fuh. All things considered, not bad. Not bad at all! I hope to be going down to Kyushu in December, and of course a visit to UMLand is on the cards!

    Found your blog while...uh, doing something, can't remember...and it's great to see a whole family doing the Ultraman fan thing and visiting Japan. Multiple times. :D Will keep on reading!

  7. m y chong,
    going there in Dec? lucky you. we'll only be going next Mar. hope you'll take lot of photos with the Ultraman there!

  8. Of course I'll take as many pictures as I can! XD I'll try not to do anything too crazy until the staff go _Alamak...another Malaysian!? @_@_

    Have you gone down to southern Japan during winter before? I look like a stick and fear becoming an ice lolly. XD

  9. i found the coldness in southern japan bearable compared to northern part (i.e tokyo). but that's just me...

  10. Lina, March bila? hujung ker? mungkin sempat tengok sakura. btw, gi Tokyo ker kali ni? singgah Yokohama erk...

  11. K Hani,
    tetiap tahun tak dpt tengok peak sakura. either awal sgt atau lewat sgt. apa nak buat. date dah ada - 20/3 balik mesia 30 atau 31/3. tapi tengok dulu...

    insyaAllah. bulan 4 hari tu tengok Yokohama dlm shinkansen aje. mula-mula ingat malas nak gi Tokyo (asyik ke sana aje) tapi in the end masuk 2 hari jugak nanti, sebab zaini nak ke Akihabara.


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