Saturday, 24 November 2007

Japan : Photos at the JR Stations

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At the Transportation Museum. We took this photo at the Transporation Museum in Chiyoda; which has since closed and relocated to Omiya, Saitama. The new museum was supposed to open on Oct 14, 2007. Don't think we'll have time to drop by on the next visit...

Travelling in Japan, and with JR Pass meant a whole lot of time at the train stations. We are 'kiasu", so we'll try to squeeze as much trips for the 7 days duration of the pass.

We love getting on trains in Japan, due to its ease, efficiency and comfort and we'll be looking forward for more train travels and on as many Shinkansens as we can manage on our short holiday next year!


  1. eh just realized, u all came to Beppu. Bukan ape not many will drop by to our petite town :D hehehe

  2. alangkah bestnya kalau JR kasik gaijin kat sini beli JR rail pass... mesti kitorg pun kiasu round Nihon dari ceruk ke ceruk dlm masa 7 hari, naik shinkansen selagi boleh :-)

  3. kalau mampu (masa & duit) siap boleh beli 14 hari / 21 hari punya. Ada kawan di Nagoya suruh makwe dia beli di Malaysia then mereka berdua travel bersama dgn pass tu. Tapi risikonye, bila staf check nama dlm pass tak sama dgn nama dlm passpot.


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