Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Learning Nihon-go

Have not attended any formal Japanese classes yet, but we depended on JapanesePod101 for conversational skill lessons (I unfortunately totally ignored the podcasts during Ramadhan month...)
Only started seriously about 3 months ago but stalled this month (penyakit M melanda). Printing out the PDF notes helped me a lot in learning to read (of course not Kanji’lah). I use a dictionary for word comprehension, especially to look out for words I heard from J-Songs (Ultraman OST including). The 1000 words book I didn’t use much., but Raimie liked it for the pictures.

I bought the Kodansha’s Furigana Japanese Dictionary from Amazon at USD46.29 (RM164.14). A bargain considering the same book is sold at RM289.00 at Kinokuniya KLCC, but the order did take 3 weeks to arrive. Anyway, Isetan’s Kinokuniya Japanese book section is closed now. Dunno whether they’ll open a new one elsewhere.

It’s tough learning the language on our own, because we do need to discipline ourselves to set aside the time to learn. Other than that, it’s so rewarding when we can understand a few words here and there when watching drama or listening to J-songs (game show folks talk too fast for us).

Did initially enrolled at Institute Bahasa Teikyo in Taman Seputeh but chicken out at the last minute. Maybe I’ll join the Jan intake if there’s still place (and I still have cash...) because I do want to learn Kanji.
Anyway, ganbatte to us!


  1. salam kenal :)

    terima kasih sudi zairah blog saya - ini lawatan balas :-)

    nihonggo no koto o gambatte ne...

  2. yoroshiku onegai shimasu...

  3. Oh wow, seems to me like loads of people want to learn japanese these days (including me!). But as you said, it takes lot of discipline to self learn, which isn't something i have got alot of.

    Uhh... i would love to be able to watch animes and listen to j-songs without the need of translations/subtitles. Plus it would be so cool to show off my japanese skills! Hehe..

    That's a good idea printing out the PDF. I think sitting in front of the computer for so long can be quite bad. Then there's also all the other distractions on the computer that keep me from reading them.

    Good luck to you and wish the same for me too. Let's be the 'cool' ones and learn Japanese on our own. Gambateh indeed!!

  4. god luck...semoga jozu ni narimasu...

  5. HE & Alifah,
    arigato for all your encouragement. :-)agak taihen utk self study, but i'll try my best.

    i can't use rote memorisation to learn both the katakana & hiragana (which is why i will probabbly suck at learning Kanji). By printing the PDF notes, it was easier for me to recognize the characters as i listen to the podcasts. you have a head start on kanji, if you can read chinese...

  6. owhh...naruhodo!
    sorry lina..I thought u're a japanese speaker.so that's why I wrote some words in japanese without any hesiatation :P
    anyway,gambattene!should there anything that I could assist,jangan malu2..jangan segan2..sila2lah bertanya kayyy....aja!aja!fighting!!!!

  7. Izu-kun no okasan,

    shinpai shinai. make me strive harder to learn the language.
    Yosh!!!! hihihi


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