Saturday, 17 November 2007

Misdaventures in Kanazawa

At Kanazawa Station

At Toyoko Inn Kanazawa

We didn’t spend much time here, although we did plan to visit the park, which is said to be amongst the most beautiful in Japan. The reason can be read in later segment.

The free info magazine available at the JR station was neat. There’s listing of souvenirs (complete with price), local specialties, restaurants & interesting sights and many more. The pictures were sufficiently informative without the need to read much. (Ask me to read, it’ll probably take a week to translate 1 paragraph let alone 1 page…) I love the mags. Every time I looked at them, I got this strong urge to buy all the souvenir items listed there!

At dinner, we had the opportunity of witnessing a scuffle between a father and his daughter and SIL. They were shouting and shoving each other violently, and the restaurant staffs just stand apologetically beside them! The mother had on a very disinterested look on her face. Even the security people that came along later, asked them nicely (diffidently) to step outside. No one was bodily evicted from the premise… (Vision a lot of bowing, scratching of head, tilting heads, and sucking teeth all around). Just as interesting, the staff bowed and apologised to us all after the commotion.

(tak mcm kat sini, kalau ada org bergaduh cepat je org berkumpul nak tengok & panaskan suasana, org lain yg tengah makan mcm buat tak kisah aje…tak sopan utk campur tangan???)


  1. bestnya gi area kansai... belum ke sana lagi...

  2. kalau tak sebab ada JR Pass, memang tak sampai kitaorang ke sana...

    kalau seishun 18 kippu boleh naik kodama shinkansen ke?

  3. Oh wow, i'm imagining that that was quite a hilarious scene. Bowing and scratching heads while they were actually fighting. 'Polite' gile!

    Hmm, but i wouldn't have known what to do. Stop them? Stand in between like i see in the movies? Kena punch nanti! XD


  4. yang bowing tu were actually the restaurant staf.. the 3 peeps yg fight did no such thing actually. but it was hilarious watching them fight


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