Sunday, 11 November 2007

Mitsui GreenLand

KHave not been to Mitsui GreenLand despite the fact that it's located next to Ultraman Land. Are planning to drop by there next year, though!

Place to see Kamen (Masked) Riders, the Rangers (Geki Ranger, Boukenger or whatever they have on now), and even Shin-Chan! (apart from playing in the theme park, of course). A magnet for couples, as witnessed on the bus enroute to the park.

Here's some of the flyers we still kept for don't know what reason.

Hotel Verde is nearby, should you need to recuperate from the exhaustion after a full day at either Mitsui Green Land or Ultraman Land.


  1. Oh wow, so cool! I wish i could go.. to any one of those themeparks. DARN!

    There aren't any parks like that in Malaysia, is there?


  2. that's why we keep going to Japan, you know...


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