Sunday, 4 November 2007

On the trains –Hikari Railstar Shinkansen

Hikari Railstar Shinkansen bound for Hakata

Took about 2 hours 45 minutes hours to reach Hakata.

The attendants manning the drinks & bento trolleys had such a nice uniform complete with jacket, hat and bag. When they were on the platform, you would think that they were Flight Attendants! On board, they changed and wore an apron… (Come to think about it, JAL FAs wore aprons too when serving your meal).

We spent part of the journey asleep as we were on a night flight from KLIA (Raimie and Zaini slept, but I can’t sleep a wink in the plane) the day before, and we chose the quiet / no noise car -dunno what it’s called; (there were no announcements heard in that car).

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