Monday, 5 November 2007

On the trains – Limited Express Sonic

Hakata to Beppu via Limited Express Sonic

Roughly 2 hours from Hakata. Halfway through, everyone started to turn their seats the other way round. So, we followed suit. Quite the experience as we never did that here in Malaysia.

Nice black leather seats but felt a bit cramped, and the train swayed too much for my taste. Nice countryside view outside, though.

It was nightime when we got back from Beppu. Not black leather seats this time, but comfortable nonetheless. Raimie was pretty much at home, walking up and down to follow either one of us to the toilet and simply making a nuisance of himself.
BTW, Raimie totally enjoyed the Beppu station announcement. Have to be there and listen for yourself. I’ll figure out a way to get the announcement and post it here…

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