Tuesday, 20 November 2007

On the trains – Wakura Onsen

Kanazawa to Wakura Onsen

Zaini did this leg alone.

Raimie left his Ultraman Max Jacket on the train on our trip back from Komatsu. Luckily the Tourist Information Centre staff at Kanazawa station helped us call the Lost & Found office to report the lost jacket. ½ hour later, they called back to inform that the jacket was safe at Wakura Onsen.

Rather than wait for them to send it back to Kanazawa station, Zaini went to pick up the jacket, spending almost 4 hours for the return journey. (we were leaving Kanazawa first thing the day after, so can’t wait – we should have asked them to send the jacket to Shin Osaka instead). As a result, we had not much time for sightseeing in Kanazawa, but we got a neat map from the Tourism Office for keepsake!

Why did we went to such trouble for the jacket when we can just buy a new one? It's an Ultraman Max jacket, for goodness sake! (and we bought it at Bandai Museum in Matsudo before they were closed and relocated elsewhere).

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