Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Planning for a holiday to Japan

How long do you need to plan for a holiday?

The longest time we planned for a holiday was 2 years. That’s simply because our plan for that particular year had to be shelved due to us moving to a new home (money run out ma…).
- anyway, my plan to visit Paris for the last 5 years has yet to be realized.

We do like to plan well ahead (gone were the days when we take mini-breaks spontaneously with only the clothes on our back) and usually we’ll start to seriously plan 3-6 months ahead.

Planning for a Japan trip would include poring over maps, JR trains & especially Shinkansens schedules, hotel websites and local attractions write-ups. The beauty of traveling in Japan is the wealth of information available online and the accurate timing of the trains and public transport in general. Train timing is crucial for us in the event we need to dash for a train connection in order to save traveling time.

I am interested to know how couples and families plan their holiday. Do you have a veto or plan holidays upon reaching consensus from all parties?

Our style is:

I will draft an itinerary - listing out places that I think would be interesting for the three of us and what I'd like to see. Then, Zaini will look up the schedules, pick hotels and plan the routes while crossing out the places he doesn’t want to go. I do need his yes, because I can’t read a map to save my life!

So far, the tentative itinerary is as follows:

Arao (Ultramanland & Mitsui Greenland)
Hiroshima / Miyajima
Kyoto – day trip
Yokohama – day trip

There are still some changes to be made to fine-tune this itinerary as Zaini also wanted to get on the silver Tsubasa train to Yamagata. We’ll see how we are going to fit all these places in a 9-day’s trip! Lucky the three of us enjoy taking the trains so much.

What we have omitted for this trip but remains on our wish list :
Zaini – a night or two at a Ryokan, soaking in private rotenburo (but don't know which one to choose! Many of the nicer ones only have Japanese website, so we had trouble making reservation inquiries, in spite of the translated version...)
Me – a visit to local farms (I am a village girl), picking strawberries, peaches or whatever is in season or a hike through a national park
Raimie – a return trip to Disneyland and Disneysea

On the other hand, Zaini still refuses to go and look for Ultraman Street in Setagaya!


  1. waaaa..sugoine!2nen saki mo???
    woppss...planning since 2yrs back?wowwww...kitorg klu nk pegi tu main hentam je:P..amari yokunai ne!hohohohoho...

  2. itu masa Raimie umoq 6 bulan. dah syok2 plan, terlebih belanja buat renovation rumah... tu yg plan jadik 2 tahun tu... lagipun, dok ghisau berak kencing dia. muahaha

    kalu takat Tokyo, memang kitaorg boh aje... ni nak round satu Jepang - kena plan betul-betul (nnt over budget).Hehe
    (tahun 2009 zaini nak gi Hokkaido. Yatta!)

  3. Wow!
    That's some pretty impressive number of cities for 9 days! The whole of the Kansai area would be worth nine days alone and you wouldn't run out of stuff to see, well, hope you have fun with your family!

  4. sarariman-san,

    9 days is definitely not enough! now we are thinking of chopping off days in Tokyo to spend it elsewhere. if only we can afford going off for a whole month!

  5. I agree with u Lina.Nak travel ni even local pon nak kena plan elok2, cantek2.Dulu kami gi PD jer, tapi plan berbulan2 sebab normally singgah
    tempat lain gak kan.

    Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Miyajima are my favourite place.Jangan lupa beli buku atomic bomb di Hiroshima, play with deer di Miyajima and visit Penguin di Nagasaki Penguin Akuarium (kalau time avaiable la, but Hiroshima & Nagasaki Peace Memorial Hall MUST go)

  6. salam lina,
    wah, ketat betul jadual tu...tapi lina sekeluarga masih young couple, ok lah tu.
    Susah2 pun bawak aje nebukuro (sleeping bag), boleh tumpang mana2 ko-en kat sini dan basuh muka kat tandas awam hehehe...
    alamak, jahrera ajar yg tak senonoh...hissshhh...

  7. suhaila,
    we'll definitely follow your advice

    K Lela,
    ooo - ala2 camping gitu ek? tak berani tido kat koen(bulan 3 -sejuklah nanti kot), tapi kali ni maybe 2 mlm tido dlm sleeper train. naik memalam buta, esok lepas subuh sampai new destination. sah tak mandi pagi huhuhu

  8. Oh darn, i wish i has some vacation to plan for. Especially one so far away.. like in Japan or Paris! Darn, i guess the time will come when i have to do all that tedious 3 month-long plannings. 'Can't wait'. XD

    Just hope that all these nice places still exist by then and would not have been destroyed by some natural disaster or war. We humans are very good at causing those kinds of things. :D


  9. usws,
    Hear! Hear!

    pegi. tido 2 mlm kat Hakata sebab Nagasaki & Arao kitaorg pegi pagi balik Hakata mlm.

  10. watashi mo..2009...nak pi Hokkaido juga...


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