Thursday, 15 November 2007

SIA Promo fares to Tokyo, Nagoya & Osaka

Nagoya RM1200 Economy Min. 2 to travel.
Osaka RM1200 Economy Min. 2 to travel.Valid on SQ626 only.
Tokyo RM1200 Economy Min. 2 to travel.Valid on SQ632 only.

Good value but as the outbound period is only from today till 19 Dec 2007, we won't be jumping the bandwagon and buy them. Anyway, Zaini is not that interested in flying SQ to Japan nowadays because of the transit time involved.

Some restrictions apply other than mentioned above:
No mileage accruable
Sale until 30 Nov 2007, and for stay up to 14 days
Internet fare, agents fare might differ


  1. RM1200 per person? How much does it usually cost to go there? How much did it cost you if you don't mind me asking? Lol, not that it matters... i doubt i'll be leaving the country before i hit 30. SAD!


  2. you'd have to take account the tax & surcharges too. RM1,200 is for ticket only.

    MAS fare last year cheapes was RM1,050. this year at RM1,399.

    JAL fare last year was RM1,600, this year RM1,400 in Mar and latest at RM1,260 to Osaka

    Thai Airways was RM1,260 few months ago

    my exp history:
    room = RM250/night at Toyoko
    eat = RM90 per day (we eat cheap + free b/fast in hotel)
    transport = tokyo : 1000yen pas will last for 2/3 days for me; elsewhere use of JR Pass

  3. Oh, RM1200 doesn't anymore cheaper anymore... unless you're really trying to cut as much cost as possible. Add a hundred or two more and you won't even have to bring someone along.

    The RM250 doesn't sounds too bad.. but it is one of those big rooms right? Not those "just a bed tunnel" kind of things? Oh, but RM90 per day.. that's bad. What's a JR pass, rail?

    BYE! And sorry for asking so many questions.

  4. no it's not the capsule hotel. it's a room, but your definition of big has to be re-adjusted while in Tokyo.

    JR Pass - check out my previous posts.

    you can eat cheap, esp if you don't have dietary restrictions.
    a bowl of ramen can be as low as 400yen (usually 800yen for a meal)
    yoshinoya at 380yen per gyudon
    McD from 200yen per burger and around 350yen per set meal
    Wendy is usually from 800yen above
    do check out my guide links for more info

  5. 1 thing I wanna add, normally a 14-days ticke would cost from RM1,800 - RM2,500. So, that means a RM1,200 fare is indeed a good value. (unless your company is paying)


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