Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Sushi Zanmai , The Gardens

Raimie with his Anmitsu Parfait. Zaini must be on diet (notice he has only 4 empty plates?).

Decided to check the place out as we got discount vouchers. Good deal as we can combine our two RM5 discount vouchers in one bill and got RM10 savings from the total bill… no FOC ocha here though…

Service was a bit slow, dunno why they insisted on hiring too many wait staff to just stand around. At least make sure the Ocha is at the right temperature! Hope they'll improve that with time.At least some of the staff seem earnest in doing their job...
(This place has natto in their menu so Zaini might be compelled to return)

Food wise - ok, with affordable price. Mainly a la carte items and no set menus.

Note to self: RM5 discount voucher only valid until end Nov-07.

Managed to persuade office mates to drop by the place due to my info on the discount vouchers.


  1. salam lina,
    ingatkan tinggal di Nihon sekarang!
    Thanks for the info on aruto debito.

  2. erk! ramai yg ingat begitu rupanya. minta maaflah, kalau dah misled sesiapa...
    tapi memang kemaruk nak duduk di Nihon! muahaha


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