Thursday, 8 November 2007

Things Japanese go to classes for

Sometimes I wonder what else these Japanese go to classes for. There's class teaching you how to smile and laugh featured sometime ago to... To me, saying I love you 50 million times a day doesn't change the fact you might be an ***hole.


  1. Haha, i remembered that the Japanese went for classes on how to be Santa a while back. Training included how to "HO HO HO!" in the correct way! XD

    Well, whether going for those classes changes those men, I'm not really sure. But as long as their wives are happy, at least they're getting some where. Other countries (i think) couldn't be bothered to solve such problems, not in such a direct and open manner like this. It's always counseling this or 'time out' that, and they ended getting divorced anyway.

    I think if those Japanese men continuously (even if it's forcefully) do it, one day it'll just become apart of them and you could say that those classes worked. That's how habits are formed after all, do do do.


  2. too true...

    but then, if it became a norm, the action will be automatic and loss its meaning like how shop keepers / sales staff shout irrashaimase without even looking up at you.


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