Sunday, 18 November 2007

Ultraman & Kamen Riders toys

Raimie at Jusco's toy section. There's Justirisers, Kamen Riders, Ryukendo, Boukenger, Power Rangers (US version) figures but sadly no Ultraman...

Dunno what happened to the distributor of Ultraman toys by Bandai because there's no Ultraman toys on sale in the toy section at either Jusco, Metrojaya or Toys R Us! Sure, there's a lot of Kamen Riders (Blade and Den-O) but no Ultraman! Mystery...

There are the Ultraman figures sold by Tsuburaya Chaiyo / TC Ruishi in Jusco, but we are not interested in that. Then there's the dubious looking Ultraman figures given free per Ultraman Nexus VCD/DVD at one of the big "video" shop too (not interested in that either). We want to buy the Bandai ones!

Do you know that here in Malaysia, the Kaijus and Seijins are more expensive than the Ultraman themselves? And to think that the Kaijus and Seijins figures don't even have their own boxes! 1 Ultraman figure is around RM22.90 - RM29.90 (20% discount when on sale at Jusco & Metro). Kaiju and Seijin costs around RM39.90 at specialty store. I guess these big "depato" doesn't want to stock on the baddies (they used to, many years ago).

Even Kamen Riders cost more at RM39.90! To think that they are priced the same in Japan!


  1. No Ultraman? That's a scandal! ...or maybe there's a business opportunity to distribute Ultraman toys ;)
    Anyway, thought I should drop in and say hi!

  2. a ha ha... we thought of that. any venture capitalist willing to give us startup money?

    thanks for dropping by. stay in touch, in case I solve the Ultraman mystery. :-)

  3. Lol, for a long time now, i haven't been looking out for Ultraman action-figues or any other toys for that matter. Hmm, have i been going out at all?

    I remember seeing some ultramans toys somewhere but they didn't look worth the money. The paint job was horrible and the plastic looked fragile. Maybe those were imitations or something.

    Well, if you want.. i could keep my eyes open for Bandai Ultramans the next time i go to Puchong's Jusco or something.


  4. thanks for kind offer, shaun!
    LOL - that means you've grown up, unlike us.

    nah, no needlah. buy here kena RM30 I'll wait until we reach Japan, only 514yen (about RM16 per figures)

    But if you ever see Kamen Rider Kabuto in the "tikam" box sold at RM22.90, do let me know. I've a friend missing 1 kamen rider. cannot find anywhere oredi..

  5. I found a shop which is owned by Litt Tak, the distributor of Ultraman toys. It's on the 6th floor of Sungei Wang. Not sure if they're Bandai or Tsuburaya. Happy hunting!

  6. Helmi,
    thanks for the comment. Will try to check them out when and if we ever made it to Sungei Wang. Jam'lah

  7. Hello Ultraman Fan's Believe it or not! FIRST EVER! Ultraman Live Show is coming to Malaysia STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN!!!! this June 2012

    Its in an Event called AFAM~! Keep TRACK! ITS GONNA BE AWESOME!!


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