Friday, 2 November 2007

Ultraman Max Showing on TV3! Yeay

We like Ultraman Max more than Mebius, to be honest. And Kaito (played by Sota Aoyama) looks like he can act (unlike Mirai).

Even though Raimie had watched the series few times over, I don't think he'll want to miss it when it is shown on TV!

Ultraman Max : Song By Sean Nichols

Ultraman Max Ultraman Max Ul-tra-maaaaan Max

Look Up! All around
Just a big blue sky and not even a sound
Wait! What was that?
It's a giant monster on the attack

Monster Scanner warning, Team Dash strikes
But who do they call when they can't win the fight?

Ultraman Max Ultraman Max

The defender of the earth, morning, noon and night
Comin' to save the day on beam of light

Ultraman Max Ultraman Max

Aliens and monsters, he's got you in his sights
Fighting for our future, with all of his might

Ultraman Max Ultraman Max Ul-tra-maaaaaan Max

Max, Max, Max, yeah, that's his name
He came here only to help, not for fortune and fame

But he's not all alone when good and evil clash
H's got the help of his friends
And they're known as Team Dash

Kaito, Koba, Mizuki
Sean and Android Elly too

Don't forget Hijikata
He'll tell them what to do!

Look! Up in space
An Alien has come for the human race
Yes! Here comes Max!
His power and speed will stop them dead in their tracks

When missiles and lasers have no effect
There is only one choice that is always correct

Ultraman Max Ultraman Max

The people of the earth, he's sworn to protect
With his Max-imum Cannon he's sure to connect

Ultraman Max Ultraman Max

Time and again, he has earned our respec
What more can I say, he's perfect

Ultraman Max Ultraman Max Ul-tra-maaaaan Max

Ultraman Max Ultraman Max

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  1. Do you know where to get the English dub of ULTRAMAN MAX that's on, ?
    PLMK, Thanks & God Bless!


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