Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Ultraman : Raimie's Movie Collection

Felt like it's been ages since we last wrote about Ultraman.

Please ignore the covers on these DVDs and VCDs. There's no Ultraman Gaia or Agul in VCD # 2 or Ultraman Tiga in VCD # 3. Completely wrong covers. (I suppose the video distributor couldn't care less about being factually correct).

1. Ultraman Forever
Special mini feature of remastered footages from 1966 Ultraman Series. This is a malay version, but completely enjoyable as it is not dubbed by the current blah narrators. Thumbs up!

2. Ultraman - Works by Akio Jissouji
Features the works of Akio Jissouji who directed some of the finest episodes of 1966 Ultraman Series.

3. Ultraman The Movie - Clash of the Giant Monsters
Released in 1979. Like the above, this is a compilation film of the most popular episodes directed by Toshihiro Iijima.

4. Ultraman Zoffy
Narrated by Ultraman Zoffy. The story started from the time before the heroes began to apear on Earth; Ultraman Zoffy would appear to help in various Ulta Series.
He helped Ultraman Mebius in the last episode.

5. Ultraman The Movie
Story of little Ultraman Taro together with Ultra Father and Mother on M-78 planet. Quite cute as it is the story of Ultraman Taro growing up (in a way).

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