Friday, 9 November 2007

Ultrawomen? SD Figures

Not too sure whether I can call Ultra Mother, Yullian and Ultrawoman Beth as Ultrawomen… (multi national gitu – sorang Jepun, sorang Cina (dah nama Yullian, Cina lah kot), sorang Mat Salleh)

This is my own collection that I proudly display on my monitor in office. Bought Yullian and Ultra Mother at Ultramanland and Ultrawoman Beth at Ultraman Stadium at 99yen apiece.

Raimie’s collection coming up soon…

Some background on the ladies:

Ultra Mother (or Mother of Ultra) has healing power and leader of the Silver Cross. Helps revive fallen Ultra heroes.

Yullian is featured with Ultraman 80 (assisting him). Is the Princess of Kingdom of Ultra or something...

Ultrawoman is featured in Ultraman USA series, fighting alongside Ultraman Chuck and Ultraman Scott. The series is in anime form.

Wohoo to girl power!

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