Saturday, 3 November 2007

Was reading this news, and suddenly remembered a Japanese drama series title "Moero Attack". Who remembers this series? It was shown in Malaysia way back when I was in Form 3 (years and years ago, hehehe) Me & friends used to sneak out of prep to watch this drama. Even the boys were hooked into this (or maybe just to look at the tight shorts...) As a result, there were few times we got caught by our very strict warden... the price we paid to watch TV... Hahaha.. That was the time...

For those who had no clue (i.e. still young / too old to remember :p) here's a video for your enjoyment.

Needless to say, the series spark a phenomenal interest for us girls to play Volleyball. The craze for Volleyball took us competing around the state, but the local kids (we were not considered locals as we were boarding school kids) proved too good for us. (I was only the cheering section, though - well at least I got to play for my house Team. Hahaha...)

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