Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Capsule Toys / Gashapon / Tikam

I went nuts once for the capsule toys aka Gashapon. Brought back a bagful of them for souvenirs.

Gashapon from Japan is now pretty much everywhere in Malaysia (or at least in Klang Valley). But capsule toys is not really a new phenomenon in Malaysia. We have what locals called "Tikam". If a gashapon toy cost 2 token (RM4 per token - which is otherwise 200yen in Japan) the local tikam cost only 20sen (last time I checked - not sure whether inflation has kicked in with these toys)

The "Tikam" toys are really crappy actually, but provides at least 10 minutes of joy for the kids. The ones from Japan is of course way more superior with Kamen Riders, Ultraman, Doraemon, Keroro Gunso and whatever else big in Japan). Raimie had a few, but because of its size, it was inevitably sucked into my vacuum cleaner at some point!


  1. heheh..HE pun kekdang suka menda ni... serius.. anak HE suka kalau ada yang Hello Kitty... tapi sekali 100 yen...mau 3 ringgit la kan...

  2. itulah, bukan Raimie sorang aje yg suka (Raimi suka Urutoraman & Kamen Rider). Lina suka borong doraemon :-)

  3. Uhh, some Tikam prizes were good ones. Like the imitation Tamagochi i once got on my first (and last) try.

    The Gashapon's here are really expensive. I thought they were RM5 to play but in actual fact, you needed TWO RM5 tokens. So that makes it RM10 just for a small little play thing. Of course, as you said, theirs are of much higher quality and has its cool features to them. But RM10? Sakit..


  4. usws,
    it better than buying the tikam box set at RM22.90 apiece! That one only cost abt 300 - 400yen in Japan!


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