Monday, 17 December 2007

Cooking up a storm

Well, not really. Hehehe

What we ate in the weekend (if anyone cares to know)

Lunch:Gyudon. Beef and onion simmering in the pan. Heavenly when eaten with kimchi and with lots of shichimi sprinkled on it. Zaini loves it topped with beni shoga, but I have yet to learn how to make it. ^_^

Dinner: Rice mixed with salmon, takenoko and shoyu (soy sauce). Yumm...

Rice with takenoko. I love takenoko (and hotate). Eaten with tori kara age. There goes my diet


  1. Lina,

    Cam best jer rice+salmon+takenoko etc...naper la tekak su ni tak berapa laju nak makan nasi warna warni yer....

  2. Nice! Would look good in my bento box!

  3. Su,
    variety dari nasi goreng. tekak si Raimie tu tekak jepun sesat. masak nihon ryori je yang dia cepat & habis makan

    Tokyo Expat,
    Thanks! But looking good doesn't mean it tasted good. Hahaha

  4. Hey, I trust you! Your cooking has to be better than mine...

  5. salam lina,

    Pandai juga adikku sorang nie.

    Nampak pun memang sedap.

    Keep up the tasting adventure. Mesti cuba baru tau rasanya, kan?

  6. heheh, domo arigato gozaimasu :P


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