Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Just like to wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

And on 10 January , Muslims will celebrate Maal Hijrah / Awal Muharram. Meaning of Maal Hijrah.

There are some things that I resolve to do / be better at in 2008 :

1. Have better bladder control (bladder of steel!)
2. Have better tolerance with cold
3. Avoid being in a shouting match with anyone for the whole year (wish me luck on this one!)
4. Be more patient and understanding to people
5. Be more charitable
6. Eat more healthily instead of cheaply
7. Exercise more
8. Visit my parents and in-law more often
9. Keep in touch with friends more
10. Buy more shoes! Japan boots, here I come!!!

2007 had been a good year to us. Alhamdulillah


  1. Very good goals.

    As for the bladder of steel, I'll take you to Skylark and force feed you drinks from the drink bar until you explode! :-)

  2. salam awal tahun,
    yes, bladder of steel must know controlling from now.
    Nanti senang gi haji.

    best wishes to all the good attempt for this year

  3. Contamination,
    force feeding me drinks entails you paying for it, you know. Hehehe

    Kak Lela,
    itulah... selepas baca post Kak Lela yang satu itu. Tak terfikir pun sebelum ini tentang keperluan ke tandas itu penting juga. :-)

    Wish me luck!!!


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