Monday, 24 December 2007

Japan on TV during the weekend

I don't really watch Amazing Race anymore. Well, Malaysian team won the first season of Amazing Race Asia (Go Zabrina & Joe Jer!).

Anyway, what got me pretty excited was the fact that Amazing Race Season 2 came to Japan this time. As you probably would notice by now, I got all tingly and excited whenever there's mention of Japan. Recaps of the episode here.

Kelly Osbourne Turning Japanese was on Tuesday and again on Saturday for its final installment. The English Teacher stint was to me enlightening. Man, do you still need to use flashcards for senior class? And the word choices : my 5 year old know the meaning already! Do you know that Kelly wanted to be a Telephone Operator when she was small? Talk about aiming big. Hehehe

One question: why is there a need for two teachers; 1 foreign (or Mat Salleh as we called you guys here) & 1 Japanese in the English classes?

Japanese must love their dogs - look at the Dog Hotel Kelly work with. Heck! The dogs even got to exercise on a treadmill!

Then she went to a Geisha / Maiko School (correct me which is the correct term) to learn to be a Maiko. I suffer for her. Being a Maiko is really tough. And to think that they start accepting trainees at the age of 15! At 15 I was happily clueless about my future.

After watching all three episodes, I have a newfound respect for her. She was not afraid to ask question for things that she didn't understand.

What I learn from her:
One - the meaning of the tea ceremony (deep this one)
Two - while Kimono looks very nice, it felt like a corset
Three - Love Hotel are seedy
Four - the Host in the Host Club are not that hot or good looking
Five - Maid Cafe is creepy place for girls to work in (I thought they only serve drinks and food. Didn't know that they provide massage too - even if its just neck / hand massage!)


  1. Geisha are the main deal and Maiko are the apprentices.

    Glad you are able to get your J-fix on TV!

  2. yeah... what would I do without TV (and internet!)

  3. Hosts are generally not so good-looking because 1) women are generally not as focused on looks as men and 2) really good-looking hosts tend to scare off shy women.

  4. Haha, wow.. i said this once before but you sure love Japan! The only words that will get me excited is food and holiday. HAHAHA!

    Lots of celebrities never expected to become celebrities (channel E! said so), all mostly coincidentally lucky. Except the younger ones these days where they are trained from a tender age for such work.

    Hmm, two teachers? Maybe the Japanese teacher teaches English more easily while the orang putih gives them the accent, correct pronunciation etc.

    Haha, OR the Japanese people want their dogs to be equal. "If you're gonna get a hotel like us, you need to suffer on the treadmill just like us!" XD


  5. Maybe, but doesn't it beat the purpose or learning when you have someone compensating and translating the English lesson back to Japanese? I dunno...


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