Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Japanese Children Sinking in Academic Score

What do you think? Are you pro cram school or are you into relaxed atmosphere for studying?


  1. salam lina,
    ashik main tv games aje kat rumah...inilah akibatnya.

  2. Kak Lela,

    yelah kot - banyak sgt game dlm market...bukan budak-budak aje, mak bapak pun boleh leka main game. :-)

  3. Haha, very appropriate post after my exam week.

    Hmm, in terms of stress, i hated cramming ALOT. Homework homework, study study and it's not like we had only a few subjects to study. I think all my white hairs appeared because of that.

    On the other hand, since i'm already so used to cramming and spoon feeding, if they ever made it more relaxed, i think i would feel really uncomfortable. Like i'm not doing something i'm supposed to.

    And that's why i'm very afraid of going overseas to study where i hear it's more important to be able to think and be creative. The Malaysian education system has made alot of memorizes and very few (or none at all) thinkers.

    It really depends what you're aiming for, exam-smart or inventive-smart people (something like that). I wonder how come Japan's old cramming system was able to create so many thinkers though.


  4. usws,
    o now I see what you talked about the link thing in your blog. I've always taken for granted that I can click on ppls' name to link to their site.
    ain't we all sppon fed. I remember my lecturers used to complain about how badly were we spoon fed, but then she was also spoon feeding us... I even managed to get a near perfect score once just by rote memorisation without even understanding half of what I wrote about. bad eh? :-(


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