Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Kelly Osbourne Turning Japanese #2

Now that I've seen two episodes, I think the premise is pretty crap (but crap as it is, I'm hooked). I mean, only an idiot would go to a country that has a language completely different than yours and you didn't bother to learn the language and you have no idea why you are there (other than getting paid like a gazillion dollars maybe). But then, it made good TV and this is suppose to be one of those "reality" TV shows, I guess.

In the second episode, Kelly join a Cosplay event / contest, work in an oxygen bar, enter a monastery and lastly she went to a doll burning ceremony. The oxygen bar must have something in it because that's the only time I saw her happy and giggly (apart from the host bar). I've never seen one myself - where can you find these oxygen bar, by the way? Her costume for the cosplay event was to me boring and while cosplay was supposed to be freedom of expression or whatever (I'm quoting one the girls interviewed here), I quite agree with Kelly about there is nothing free when being told by the photographers how to pose with your legs spread wide apart.

For me, if I want to see people in costume - I would just attend Tokyo Anime Fair! Lots of freebies including drinks and sweets and whole gamut of models that will happily pose with you. True, all the models were paid by the respective companies that produced the Anime, but who cares! You won't see me in a cosplay outfit ever!

I am surprised that she is quite deep while in the monastery / temple / whatever. And the translator (Yumi) is no help either in enlightening Kelly for her quest of inner peace because Yumi doesn't seem to have a clue too (or she's paid to pretend to be totally lost herself).

Oh Oh! Lastly she went to this host bar for a good time. Both her and Yumi were pretty giggly (who wouldn't) but the hosts themselves were not that good looking! Where are the cute guys with all the trendy hairdo???!!!

I am intrigue with the doll burning ceremony / festival. I remember reading something about it few years back but I am too lazy to search for info about this peculiar(?) ceremony at the moment. Anyone care to enlighten me?

K Lela: Here's a link to see Kelly's picture if you are interested


  1. usws (usws.isgreat.org12 December 2007 at 22:10

    Haha, sometimes we deliberately look for crap shows just to see how crappy it is. Overly perfect/happily ever after programmes can get boring sometimes. Haha!

    Oh yes, the less she knows about Japan, the better/funnier (in a crappy kind of way) the show would be. And yea, her salary should cover all humiliation costs.

    I think oxygen makes you act all drug like and happy. I saw that happen in The Sims 2! Haha.. Start one of your own, get a oxygen tank (with a higher ratio of O2) and breath it all in. Too much and you might die though. Haha! Oh wait, that's not funny.

    What do you mean pose with your legs spread wide apart? Like dirty photos or somthing? Wow, they were so direct? And she would have done it if they paid here?

    Uhh.. i'd go in one of those outfits once i've fixed my body up. More revealing one just to show off.. HAHA! Bad Shaun, bad Shaun!

    I don't know, they drink, do drugs and party like there's no tomorrow but when it comes to spiritual stuff, they 'change' all of a sudden. LOL! Or maybe they're afraid that what they've been doing all this time will have bad consequences. Must start being spiritual, whatever religion also can!

    I cheat..

  2. for the daughter of the Prince of Darkness, she's quite prissy. Gasp! She refused point blank at being photograph in suggestive pose at the Cosplay contest.


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