Sunday, 9 December 2007

Kelly Osbourne Turning Japanese

I just watched the first episode tonight on the Travel and Living Channel at Astro. It is actually shown every Tuesday and a re-run on Saturday night at 11.00 pm here.

What she did for the first episode was work at a maid cafe, a samurai training and work at a love hotel.

I think it is quite refreshing and showed Japan at a different angle from other gushing travel series even if it does not exactly show the most flattering side of Japan. Kelly whined a lot and she did admit that she is a brat, and I don't blame her (not yet). I mean, I wouldn't want to work in a maid cafe too! But I would love to have a try at samurai training. And the love hotel stint - what an eye opener! I didn't know that cup noodles is the food of choice after a "vigorous" workout.

Jitsu wa, I am a sucker for anything Japan on TV, I even watched the boring, text-bookish Japanese Language series circa 1980 shown on Astro's TVIQ (Astro's educational channel and it basically teaches about things like Doko Kara Kimashita? and the appropriate answers like Tokyo Kara Desu and so on for half an hour).

Ian Wright and Megan McCormick had been to Japan for Globe Trekker, so does the Travelers (circa 1990). I love Anthony Bourdain's trip there. Bobby Chinn came and skimmed the country, Andrew Zimmern made a trip looking for bizarre food and Planet Food's Merrilees Parker had a ball of time and a sharp knife for souvenir.


  1. Uhh, now you'll have more Japanese shows to watch with AFC. Mostly to do with cooking of course as it is a cooking channel after all.

    I think Kelly Osbourne would make a terrible Maid Cafe waitress. She losses her temper really fast or at least that's how they portrayed her in The Osbournes. Instead of "Yes, Master", the customers might get cursed at instead. XD


    p.s. Cup noodles is the food of choice anytime. :P

  2. yeah - I totally love the Dosanko cooking series. More ideas to cook nihon ryori for me!

  3. lina,
    u shud take my place instead...cause i despise everything about nihon,let alone japanese bad!!

  4. salam lina,
    siapa kelly osbourne, manja sangat ke dia?
    Nie makcik kampung dah berhenti bollywood/hollywood.

  5. alifah,
    hang in there!

    Kak Lela,
    Kelly Osbourne ni anak Ozzy Osbourne.Akak minat Black Sabbath tak?

  6. You really me make me wanna buy ticket to Japan now dude...

  7. Feel like wanna buy ticket to Japan now, dude,,

  8. salam lagi lina,
    satu happah pun akak tak tau.
    siapa kelly, siapa ozzy dan apa pulak black sabbath...sabar aje lah lina dapat makcik jepun kampung nie.


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