Friday, 14 December 2007

Looking forward to my weekend

I am looking forward for weekend to come. Am actually feeling bloated for the past few days due to overeating (I had 2 pre-christmas events) and so much junk food stuffed into my mouth today (my bad, as I was the one who bought the junk food for today's party). In case anyone wondering what is the big hoo ha about christmas, we eat and had party even though there's only 3 christians in my department. We don't think about having a christmas celebration, rather a year-end event for everyone to let loose and enjoy each other's company ( I see it as a mini team-building). :p and we'll do it for every other festival - be it New Year, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, AidilFitri and the AidilAdha that is coming soon.

I was actually looking forward to buy 2 items today : 1.Sanma fish 2.Mozuku but as luck would have it, Jusco ran out of fresh Sanma fish today. Huh! For mozuku, I can't find them in the supermarket. Double huh! Kak Lela, melepaslah I nak try your recipe....

So I settled to just buying Nori and wakame today. Think I'll cook Gyudon for lunch tomorrow. Simple dish and convenient.

Talking about gyudon, Yoshinoya Malaysia used to have this promotion of gyudon topped with kimchi which is my absolute favourite. We used to frequent Yoshinoya at least once a week, but as the quality of food deteriorated (I hate miso soup that has no taste!), I'll cook this dish myself instead.

Not planning to cook all things Japanese this weekend though, dinner tomorrow will be a simple affair as Zaini has a company dinner to attend and he didn't want to bring me along. (Hmmmph!) I so want to go to Hilton, KL.... and to make matter worse, there is water disruption in our area from tonight until tomorrow night.


  1. usws ( December 2007 at 12:01

    OMG, i want to work at your company so badly! Since Malaysia has so many celebrations and you have 'mini team-building's for each one, it's like FUN FUN FUN! Hahaha... Just don't tell me about the part where i have to work. XD

    I so badly want to go shopping for Japanese food products/ingredients which i have no idea what they are. You make it sound so easy and at the same time so COOL! Haha..

    Nori, Mozuku, Sanma fish, Gyodon?? I think i better stick to learning the simple Japanese phrases before learning such specific works. Not to mention recipes to cook them. XD OR i could just go to Yoshinoya (wherever that is) and try how they taste like first. Not that i'll know if there's any difference. :X


    p.s. OpenId.. soon soon.

  2. not much fun if it's a bunch of accountants... you know how accountants are (boring!) For any accountants out there, sorry!!!

    Free lesson for you today :-)

    Nori - dry seaweed sheets (Raimie loves to eat themm as snacks. I eat them with my Maggi Mee...)
    Mozuku - a stringy, crunchy seaweed. I'm still looking for them though
    Sanma fish - small, long fish, also known as Pacific Saury. 2 pc of this fish flown from Japan cost RM12.90 at Jusco. A grilled one at Jusco is just RM6++ in case you want to try one...
    Gyudon - beef bowl. Gyu = cow. Don (donburi) = bowl.

    Yoshinoya - last time I checked, you can find them at 1 Utama, Mid Valley & KLCC's food court. I'm open to any update :-)

    Actually, for me, applying Japanese word in my everyday life (in this case cooking) made me learn the language faster than dry boring text-book reading. Which is why I really appreciate people who write in romanized Nihon to me.(you know who you are!)

  3. salam lina,
    Mozuku comes with the season, can't remember when.
    Right now, its difficult to get it.
    The mozuku seaweeds only grow at certain temperature of sea water.
    So, when you come to Japan, let me know I can send it to your hotel (if season permits).

  4. Kak Lela,
    susah-susah aje. hehehe
    Thru Google, I found it is a spring thing, but on the Dosanko show, it was mentioned the dish she made was for autumn season.


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