Sunday, 2 December 2007

Otanjoubi Omedeto Raimie!

Happy Birthday to Raimie today. He's 5 today. Getting bigger and more opinionated by the day.

He's asleep now, even though he usually slept late because he had so much to do during the day. He had a surprise - we took him to the one place he had been bugging us to go since few months back. We told him that we were going to the hotel to meet my friend there. Can see his face that he longed to ask us again to stay here but I think he didn't want to disappoint himself by hoping. (Poor boy)

Only when we were in the lift did we yell out SURPRISE! to him. And the best is yet to come for him. :-)

Spent the afternoon playing in the pool. The evening was spent by having a ball of time with his aunts and uncles who came to celebrate his birthday. Then we went to the hotel lobby and had fun snapping pictures of the Christmas trees there. We let him play in the bath tub until his skin got wrinkled and he got to eat lots of sweets because today is his Special Day!

The hotel's club level staff came to our suite room to sing and wish Happy Birthday to Raimie shortly after we checked-in. We didn't expect the staff in Renaissance to do all this since it's been awhile since we came and stay here and boy! did they sprung a big surprise! There was balloons everywhere in our suite room (the helium type and the blow type), gorgeous cake, strawberries dipped in chocolate and they even provide orange juice by the jugs! (Even better than Mama & Papa's anniversary stay last year!) Mok De & Kak Siti were tempted to take home the balloons. Hahaha!!!

Dedicated to jDonuts aka Contamination :

Overzealous decorating in my department
Mini Tree at our reception desk
Body Shop's Medium Tree
The whole enchanted forest in the mall (wait till you see the colourful fairies frolicking around!)


  1. otanjoubi omedetou raimi-kun!
    ii tanjoubi datta naa...

    semoga jadi anak yang soleh, penyejuk mata ayah ibu... :-)

  2. Happy birthday Raimi.

    But I can't wait to see the Xmas trees. :-)

  3. Selamat hari Lahir to Raimie jugerrrr

  4. A Z Haida, Contamination & Suhaila

    Thanks. Our wish for Raimie to grow to be a solehah son too. Now he promised that he will take care of us when he grow up and send me to work every day :P Let's hope he'll remember that promise once he has a girlfriend Hahaha...

  5. happy birthday...
    dpt apa..bagi apa?

  6. HE,
    belikan magazine jepun aje. dia mintak den-o, tapi kitaorg kata pegi jepun baru beli. Yg Jam Urutoraman tu Mokcik dia yg beli

    keep on loving to visit me. :-)


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